Macmillan at Gorbals Library


If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, we're here to help. Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries offer a free and confidential service, providing emotional, practical and financial support to anyone who is affected by cancer.

So whatever cancer throws your way, we're here for you.

For in-person or telephone support today call us on 0141 287 2903 or email [email protected]

You can find free, expert and easy to understand information on cancer in Gorbals Library. We have lots of free, reliable and easy to understand information if you’re affected by cancer or are a health or social care professional. We can also provide free cancer information in many different formats including PDFs, ebooks, audio, different languages, easy reading and British Sign Language.

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Christine Rothnie (GGG Admin)

If you would like me to help put up your drop in sessions as events please let me know. As events they will be visable on the calendar and tweeted out by GGG.
Thanks, Chris (admin)

Macmillan at Gorbals Library

Hello, thanks so much for this! We are in Gorbals Library every Friday from 10-2 so if you could help to spread the word about that that would be great. We are also hoping to get some dates in at the new health centre so will be back in touch once dates are confirmed. Thanks so much! Pip

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