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myself and my manager are in the process of setting up a new project for 5-18 year old's at the moment. We are looking to support deaf young people, deaf young people with caring responsibilities, hearing children with deaf parents and their families across Glasgow. Some of the services we aim to provide include:

-A homework club to help with literacy and any additional support young people may need to move forward with their education. There will be an experienced tutor will help with this. We are also looking at helping parents/carers by having homework/study strategy workshops (BSL accessible).

-1 to 1 support from befrienders (deaf and hearing). This time will be flexible (days, evenings, weekends) and will be used to promote and encourage interaction with peers, develop skills and confidence in communication

-We have funding for ‘learn to sign’ classes, children/young people and their families can attend and work to achieve BSL level 1 and level 2 certificates.

-Regular service forums run by young people themselves. Here they can be give feedback, ideas on what they want and what they need from the project and professionals.

-Lastly, fun activity days and events where families can come together interact and enjoy themselves.

If anyone knows of young people/families who could benefit from this project, please do pass on the our contact/let us know. We will be creating information resources soon and the introduction to our project in BSL will be posted on Deaf Connections social media tomorrow.

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