PAST NEED. information or pictures


Blackfriars Primary school are celebrating their 50th year on Tuesday 6th Feb this year.

Do you have any information or pictures that the school could use.

Many thanks from the school PTA


Sarah Diver Lang

Hi there, is this a public event? You can also add events now onto the site.

Christine Rothnie (GGG Admin)

Hi Beatrice, I'll speak to the History Group and see if they know of any pictures. If the Housing Association have any I'll let you know. That's an exciting anniversary.

Beatrice Forbes

Sarah Lang - thank you for your comment.

The event is for the school, students & family of students and will be ticketed by the school due to number restrictions.

I believe the school has been in contact with former teachers & pupils to retrieve their stories; to pass along to the current pupils.

Beatrice Forbes

Christine Rothnie - any help would be very much appreciated. 🙂

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