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We are looking for members of Go Get Gorbals to review the how the site is working and what changes might be needed in the future or just now to make it work better. Please leave comments here and join the steering group to give us feedback.


Scott Chase

* The site at times feels a bit disorganised, I believe in large part due to confusion over the use of categories, e.g. Organisations signed up as Users or Projects, Projects listed as Haves, etc.
* I wonder whether an Events category (one offs) might be a useful addition. Barring that, an optional expiration date for Haves, Needs, and Projects so that they could be automatically removed/archived after the expiration date.
* Perhaps a short term 'Taken' banner for those finite Haves (e.g. I have a desk available) that are no longer available, before the listing is removed.

sarah frood

Hi Scott , Thank you for your comments. In terms of how people are using the site and posting things we are offering advice as people post things on the best way to catergorise them. We will also be adding categories so that people can filter by say things for families.

As a new part of the site the directory will be developed with lots of new functions and better ways for people to act an and organisation.

We are going to add in the potential to put a date on your items so that items can expire and events will be coming alongside the directory changes.

We really appreciate your feedback and want to keep receiving it. I will post in a couple of days what work is happening to develop the site so that you can have a read through and see if you have any thoughts.

Thanks again


Go Get Gorbals

You may have noticed some changes on the site in the last 24hrs please have a look as we are still tweaking them and give us any comments.

Thank you

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