Hi everyone, me and my baby daughter have just moved to gorbals and I am looking for some furniture and white goods on a budget. If anyone knows anywhere I can get these things at a decent price to spruce up my house and finally have somewhere I can call home, please let me know :)


sarah frood

Hi Carly,

What sort for items are you looking for it might help members think about what they have.

Thanks for posting.

Carly Hussein

Hi Sarah,
I think my main things I need to get first is probably my fridge, washing machine and cooker. I think it is a gas mains cooker but will have to double check, I will check tomorrow. Other slightly less urgent things I will probably look at in a couple of weeks time 😊

sarah frood

Hi Carly , perhaps create a new post for each item and it might help people to respond t the specifics.



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