6th April 12-4 Drop In Training Session Gorbals Library


Starts: 6 Apr, 2018 at 12:00

Do you live or work in Gorbals? Drop in to Gorbals Library and get trained on how to use the new site. We will be offering training sessions on how to use the site to...
See and post Events and get the GGG community to join them. Search for skilled volunteers in the area who can help you or how to offer your own voluntary time.
Search for free spaces and things which can benefit you or get an idea
Add to Organisations or Projects which interest you by commenting, messaging or joining. For example are you interested in music? Search and join music projects happening in your area.

Bring with you...
An email address which you can use to sign up to the site.
A list of events you want to publish.
Information on any projects you want to start.
Any skills, things or spaces you either have or need.
If you have one a tablet or device to download our new GGG App.
180 Crown St, Glasgow G5 9XD

Contact us to find out more!


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